Complex tooth extraction


Tooth extraction is a small dental operation. Tooth extraction is a very minor trauma to the whole body. The extraction process is nothing more than anesthesia, extraction, hemostasis, the process is simple and short.

Notes after extraction

1, diet

Generally, the anesthetics subsided within 3-5 hours after extraction. Do not chew before withdrawal. After withdrawal of anesthetics, you can eat warm and cool food and water. Avoid overheating, overhardening and irritating food within a week. It is recommended to give up smoking and alcohol within one week in order to avoid dry socket.

2. Sports

Do not soak in hot springs or excessive temperature of bath water on the day after operation. Avoid vigorous exercise such as fitness and swimming within a week. It is not recommended to travel long distances and take long-term airplanes in order to avoid secondary bleeding from tooth extraction due to increased blood circulation or blood clots falling off.

3, medication

Ordinary tooth extraction without a doctor's advice can not take medicine. Preventive use of antibiotics and painkillers is a relatively complex and highly reactive procedure for wisdom teeth extraction, and medication is required for 3-5 days according to the doctor's instructions. If severe wound pain, limited opening or fever occurs, it may be that the infection situation needs timely follow-up.

4. Postoperative Reaction

Distinguish between normal bleeding and true bleeding. A small amount of bleeding in the wound, such as a small amount of blood silk in the mouth and a little blood color, is normal within 24-48 hours after tooth extraction. If there is an obvious clot in the mouth, indicating bleeding, it needs to be treated in the hospital.