M I dental implant


Minimally Invasive Dental Implant put the Minimally Invasive technique into the implant area, use special surgery and technology(Graftless solution)to finish the implant, use tiny incision(3-4mm)to ”plant” the man made root into our mouth, get rid of the traditional implant steps such as cutting and turning up the gums, stitching, and stitching, minimize the trauma, greatly reduce swelling, pain and bleeding, It is a widely used planting method in the world.


  1.Healthy peri-implant outcomes and long-term safety.

  2. Beauty: The dentalcrown is based on the patients face shape and the color of other teeth to achieve the best effect of overall coordination and beauty.

  3.Highly functional: Can recover the teeth function quickly, have the better chew function than other denture.

  4.No grind: Depend on self man made root to repair, no need to grind your teeth. And if it’s not success, it can take out waiting for recovery before implant, or change the other repair methods.

  5.Easy operate: using local anaesthetic, small trauma. Usually need a few minutes.

  6.comfort and easy: We don’t use the denture base, no foreign body feeling, very comfortable, convinent, and good for the oral clean.

  Pujing Dental reminds you: Minimally Invasive Dental Implant not suitable for everyone.

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