Comfortable tooth cleaning


Tooth cleaning is a good means of dental health care and the primary measure for the treatment of periodontal diseases. Regular tooth cleaning can not only completely remove the plaque and stones on the teeth, keep the periodontal tissue healthy and prevent periodontal diseases, but also easily find small imperceptible dental diseases, such as hidden dental caries, so as to achieve the purpose of early detection and early treatment.

Some patients have a rapid heartbeat and elevated blood pressure due to dental phobia, which will increase their sensitivity to pain; Some patients are more sensitive to hot and cold stimuli because their roots are exposed after gingival recession. If mechanical ultrasonic tooth cleaning is adopted, these patients will be unbearable. Therefore, comfortable tooth cleaning reduces the sensitivity of patients to pain and stabilizes their emotions through the auxiliary principle of analgesic and sedation of effective agents.

Tooth cleaning is not only the main treatment of gingivitis, but also the first step in the treatment of periodontitis. Most chronic gingivitis can be treated by scaling, while periodontitis is treated by subgingival curettage and other treatments on the basis of scaling.

For patients who have received periodontal treatment, in addition to persistent self plaque control during the maintenance period, regular scaling to remove unclean plaque and calculus is an important measure to maintain periodontal health and prevent the occurrence or recurrence of gingivitis and periodontitis.

Cleaning teeth before repairing missing teeth can remove tooth stones and make the impression more accurate.

Tooth cleaning does not damage teeth, nor will it lead to widening of teeth gaps and tooth sensitivity. Normal people generally require tooth cleaning every six months to one year. Patients with poor periodontal conditions such as periodontitis and periodontal disease can be rechecked once every three months, or follow the doctor's advice.

Ultrasonic tooth washing is to remove dental calculus, plaque and pigment through the high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic wave, clean the tooth surface, make the plaque lose the gathering place, and polish the tooth surface to delay the re deposition of plaque and dental calculus; It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, time-saving and labor-saving, has little damage to the tooth surface, will not harm oral health, will not loosen the teeth and widen the gap between the teeth, and has the function of tooth health care. The high frequency is transmitted to the teeth and stones through the working head of the dental cleaning machine. Due to the different natural frequencies of teeth and stones, the amplitude of stones is greater under the action of a certain frequency, which will separate them from the tooth surface, will not harm oral health, loosen the teeth and widen the gap between teeth. On the other hand, the water mist formed by the water spray system has a scouring effect on dental calculus and plaque, which plays a role in thorough cleaning and dental health care.